As the Sun Sets


— MARCH 2011 —

The sun was beginning to set as I stepped out of the university cafeteria to head back to my dorm after dinner.  The slowly sinking sun illuminated a beautiful scene, as golden rays pierced through the trees, their warm hues mixing with the fresh green of a new spring season.

The spring semester was more than half way through now, and the post mid-term lull in school work was coming to an end.  I was approaching the end of my junior year as an electrical engineering student.  The year when we had to build power amplifiers, function generators, and an intimidatingly challenging Rube Goldberg machine, all while juggling the traditional mountain of full-time coursework.

But none of that was on my mind at the moment.  Actually, something completely unrelated to schoolwork had been on my mind more and more frequently in the past few weeks, consuming my attention and relentlessly distracting me from my studies.

“God…” I quietly said aloud as I continued slowly down the path to the dorms, the warm sun on my face in sharp contrast to the cool breeze that chilled my hands.

“…How do I know you’re actually there right now?”

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